FiLMiC Pro Apk 6.6.0 [Latest Version] Unlocked Download For Android

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FiLMiC Pro Apk 6.6.0 [Latest Version] Unlocked Download For Android
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You what is the most advanced app video camera for smartphone? The answer is FiLMiC Pro v6, with a capability for cutting edge. This app also claimed as the most responsive ever for manual camera UI ever on android. Hence, this app is useful for making high profile of video projects more than other apps. It also got some prestigious award such as.

Prestigous Award Given to FiLMiC Pro

  • (Award of Best App Ever) Winning best app in video camera categories
  • (Editors pick on TUAW) Winning best app in video camera categories
  • (Tap! Magazine) as a finalist for best app ever
  • ( or Techland) App of the week
  • (Editors Choice) at Wired, Film Riot-Macworld
  • (Editors Review 5 stars at got a perfect score
  • App of Gizmodo Essential

This app try to keep a good perform by providing teachers, filmmakers, musicians, vloggers, newscasters, and artist with a great capability to shoot during LOG (gamma curve) for supported devices only. The flexibility of the log in adjusting a number of post-production components makes this application equal in value to high-priced cameras.

App Information

  • Name               : FiLMiC Pro v6
  • Category         : video camera app
  • Version            : 6.2.3
  • Size                 : 19 mb

What’s new?

* All the issues while recording slow motion FX on pixels have been fixed

* All the artifacts while using a stitch mode have been fixed \

Banner Features of FiLMic v6

  • Live saturation, vibrance, and RGB adjustments
  • Live highlight and shadow adjustments
  • Supporting share targets by uploading batch
  • Content Management System (CMS) easily used for naming the project file
  • False color, fokus peaking, clipping, and zebra stripes, all of them are available for live analytics
  • Custom and predefined presets for white balance-adjustment
  • Sync in with cloud and available to share
  • Clip your favourite
  • Log, flat, dynamic, and natural can be controlled by gamma curve

*** with supported device, all these features available on purchase

Basic Features

  • Zoom speed more variable
  • Shooting orientations in landscape and portrait
  • Available for imafe stabilization
  • There are fast and slow motion FX
  • Can be used by beginner or professional with 3 shooting modes (manual, hybrid, and standard)
  • Hardware dependent with high-speed frame (rates of 60;120; and 240 fps)
  • Time lapse
  • Waveform monitor and 3 mode histogram
  • Set your video adjustments after capturing, including the color temperature, saturation, exposure, tint, and contrast
  • Your personal preset can be saved and customized
  • Framing the guide overlays for aspect ratio setting
  • Dynamic composition ready by thirds guide

Notes: Focus, speed, ISO, Zoom, Shutter Speed, and Exposure are controlled by full manual.

How about the aspect ratios?

  • 1:1 is square
  • 16:9 is HD Widescreeen
  • 2:76:1 is ultra Panavision
  • 2:59:1 is Cinerama
  • 4:3 is standard definition (SD)
  • 2:39:1 is super 35
  • 2:20:1 is letterbox
  • 17:9 is Digital Cinema Initiative

You can share your video via shareable apps including Vimeo, Dropbox, Facebook, etc.

Supported Hardware for 3rd  Party

  • Adapter of lens 35 mm
  • 2:40:1, adapter of moondog labs-anamorphic
  • DJI Osmo Mobile

Leading Audio Features

  • Supporting for stereo record
  • Flexible audio gain
  • Active audio meter
  • External mic levels are supported

***Reminds that each devices type have their own features

Download Link’s:
Download APK File [Paid] v6.5.1
Download APK File [Unlocked] v6.0.2
Download FiLMiC Pro 6.6.0 Apk Unlocked

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