Gangstar Vegas 3.8.3d Apk Mod VIP+Data Unlimited Money/Key/VIP 10

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Gangstar Vegas 3.8.3d Apk Mod VIP+Data Unlimited Money/Key/VIP 10
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Welcome to the Scandalous of Las Vegas. You will be fight to win the match againts mafias Explore a cruel world through “The City of Sin”, enjoy your dangerous trip and have fun! Gangstar Vegas is the 3rd  person shooter action game, in this game you will act as a shining mixed martial arts (MMA) champion. You’ll be a part in the wildest, savage mafia wars, ever! You need to create your Gangstar squad and beat them.

App Information

  • App name                    :  Gangstar Vegas
  • App version                 : 3.8.3d
  • File size                       : 2.5 GB
  • Mode                           : online and offline
  • Supported on               : android OS 2.3 above
  • Game genre                 : action, adventure
  • Server Download Google Drive

* This game has a HD graohic resolution, so it will take a big space once yov’ve installed. It needs 2.5 GB, fyi.

Mod Features:

  • Infinite diamonds
  • Infinite money
  • Infinite SP
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Infinite keys
  • Anti prohibiton, don’t take a part in events


This is Las Vegas, Wild, Cruel, and Outrageous City

  • MMA (mixed martial arts) is the character you’ll play., fighter during Story Mode of Blockbuster
  • Complete 80 missions to open your own way
  • Create your gangster squad, beat the mafia, and requisite Las Vegas

Having Fun in The Wild World

  • Explore the bigger town which has 9x size more than the previous game
  • Use a Havok Physics to make a great perform with ragdoll outcome
  • Become the finest shooter in Vegas (Modes of Carnage and Heist)
  • Complete a tough challenges by climbing the leaderboards, including street racing, water, air, MMA fighting, etc
  • Crack the bank from Casino Games addictive

Have a Ride on The Cruel Race

  • Use crazy vehicles that you never imagined, like fighter jets, muscle cars, ang monster trucks
  • You can customize your appearance, upgrade your gear and skills
  • Enjoy a great OST featuring Chromatics, Kayinsky, Skrillex, and many more
  • Use an insane weapons, including electric guitar, Molotov cocktail, and flamethrowers

What’s new Download Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk VIP Offline?

  • You must subscribe and you will open the lock of unlimited vehicle deliveries & ammo
  • Celebrate Gangstar Vegas 5th anniversary, get two new suits and a special bonus
  • Take a part in the event of Treasure Hunt, and find the artifacts
  • Get more fire power and better healing by upgrade drones
  • Jump into wheels (three new sets)
  • More bullets helds by new hideout sniper.

How to Install Gangstar Vegas Mod Apk Latest Version

  • Download the link first
  • Install the app on your android
  • Copy the folder named into android—obb
  • Play the game

If you find a License Error, do these steps:

  1. Find Gangstaar Vegas in playstore
  2. You must start downloading it, and immediately cancel the download when it starts
  3. You have been fixed your license error
  4. Try to play the game from our site link, it must be fine

Attention: please deactive you internet connection when running this game. Remove all of gameloft game in your device if your OS is Android 5.0 (to avoid a problem while installing process)

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